Conference Presentations (*presented by coauthor)


*American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Paper Session on Organizational Evolution, Philadelphia, PA.

RC28 Summer Meeting, International Sociological Association, Ann Arbor, MI.

Research on East Asian Demography and Inequality (READI) Seminar, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

Research Experience 

University of Wisconsin–Madison:


"JMC's problem: Academic Inclination and Placement Game"

–Presented at 2023 Economics UGRD Research Showcase, University of Wisconsin–Madison, WI.

–Directed Study proposal supervised by Prof. Matteo Camboni, Spring 2023.

Abstract. The Econ Job Market is a miniature of the general labor market. The variation and randomness in placements of Econ Job Market Candidates (JMC) highlight the essence of strategic interactions and matching between the prospective scholars and hiring departments. This landscape of the market is essentially a Positive Assortative Matching by efficiently matching top candidates with top programs. But to take one step back, within the same program, a JMC first encounters the dilemma of going on markets or staying one more year when knowing to conflict with the “stars” in the exact same research subfields. This study focuses on unveiling the black box of candidate–candidate peer effects. Featuring a monotone comparative statics discussion in 1) department placement policy and 2) options of postdoc, I explore the decisions in playing the job market game and hope extend to frictions in the general labor market."


"Time Matters: How Universities Gatekeep and Why Variation Matters with Ruo-Fan Liu.

–Presented at 2023 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. 

–Presented at 2023 RC28 Summer Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI.

–Invited for presentation at 2023 Research on East Asian Demography and Inequality (READI) Seminar, Princeton, NJ.

"Dual Search and Market Mechanism for the Econ Job Market." Equilibrium: Vol.13, 16-19.

"Circumstances, Effort and Inequality of Opportunity," Equilibrium: Vol.12, 8-10.